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Jewish Generals and Admirals in America's Military

Brig. Gen. Israel Drazin:
A Chaplain, a Rabbi and
a Lawyer

by Seymour “Sy” Brody

Brigadier General Israel Drazin was a chaplain, a rabbi, a lawyer, an author of ten books and a Bible scholar.

Rabbi Drazin was ordained in 1957 from the Ner Israel Yeshiva in Baltimore, Maryland. He entered the Army as a chaplain when he was twenty-one years old. He was the youngest chaplain to serve in America’s Chaplains Corps.

He left active duty in 1960 and he became the rabbi for several synagogues in Columbia Maryland.

He received a B.A. degree in Theology, Master’s degree in Hebrew Literature, a J.D. in law and a Ph.D. With honors in Aramaic Literature. He also graduated from the Army’s Command and General Staff College.

Rabbi Drazin returned to active duty in 1957-1959 and was stationed in Louisiana and Germany. When he returned to civilian life, he became the senior lawyer of a law firm.

During his life, he wrote more than100 articles n many subjects. He was also the editor of a book on Jewish legends.

Rabbi Drazin was involved in many organizations and he received awards:
● A member of the Rabbinical Council of America.
● A member of the Board of Directors of the National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education.
● A member of the Jewish Welfare Board’s Commission on Jewish Chaplains.
● He received the RCA’s Joseph Hoenig Memorial Award, 1985.
● He received the Jewish Welfare Board’s Distinguished Service Award, 1986.

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