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Jewish Generals and Admirals in America's Military

Rear Admiral Ted Levy:
A Veteran of the Korean War

by Seymour “Sy” Brody

Rear Admiral Ted Levy is a veteran of the Korean War and on active duty in the Berlin Emergency in 1961.

Levy was born on June 15, 1930. His parents were Gladys (Loring) and Abram Levy. He received a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Architecture and Civil Engineering. He was commissioned in the United States Navy in 1952, through the Holloway Plan when he went to Gerogia Tech.

In the Korean War, Levy served aboard the USS Samuel B. Roberts (DD-823) as a qualified Surface Warfare Officer. He went for flight training and when he was finished, Levy became a Patrol Plane Commander and Avionic Officer with Patrol Squadron 18.

He accepted his reserve commission in 1956 and he was assigned to Patrol Squadron 672 and then Patrol Squadron 674 as Patrol Plane Commander and Operation Officer. In 1961, Levy was recalled to active duty for the Berlin Emergency and he served as a Patrol Plane Commander and Maintenance Officer with Patrol Squadron 741, which was involved with the Cuban Missile crisis.

Levy became the Commanding Officer of Patrol Squadron 67, which won the Noel Davis Trophy awarded to the leading Reserve Patrol Squadron. Ley unit also won the Commander ASW Forces Atlantic Rediness Excellence Award.

As Rear Admiral Ted Levy went up the ladder in promotions, he undertook many assignments: He became the Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Reserve Staff B1, Naval Air Station 608 and Volunteer Training Unit 6767; He was on many promotion and major selections Boards; He was the director on the U.S. Naval Institute Board of Control and Editorial Board; He served as Chairman of the Secretary of the Navy’s National Naval Reserve Policy Board.

Rear Admiral Ted Levy continued to take leadership responsibilities: He was an Active Deputy Director of the Naval Reserve, Office of the Chief of Operations, Washington, D.C. His mobilization billet is Deputy Commander/Chief of Staff, Commander Maritime Surveillance, Reconnaissance Force Sixth Fleet. He became the Commander, Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region EIGHT, on May 21, 1983.

In his private life, he was an architect and the leader of his firm Ted Levy, AIA, Architect. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Renata, and his daughter, Kim and his two sons, Bret and Keith.

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