Illustrations by Art Seiden

Jewish Heroes and Heroines in America

from Colonial Times to 1900:




Jews in America have been maligned, slandered and attacked about their participation in American affairs, patriotism and involvement in America's wars from colonial times to the present. These false accusations by the anti-Semites belie the facts that Jews have fought in every major skirmish, battle, war and military campaign that the United States have been involved in.

Jews have given of themselves in peace time with their civilian contributions in all spheres of American life. They have played a major role in America in helping it become the number one nation in the world.

This exhibit is the documentation and a part of that contribution that Jews have made in America from the colonial times to 1900.

I wish to express my love and gratitude to my wife, Ruth, for her sacrifices, patience and understanding on being left alone when I did my research and writing. She has also been a pillar of strength and encouragement during this period.

My special thanks is for one of the best illustrators in the publishing industry, Art Seiden. His professional animated artistic illustrations have created a living dimension to the stories in the exhibit.

I wish to thank the library staff of the reference department of the S.E. Wimberly Library, Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton, Florida, where I did most of my research. They extended themselves with patience and understanding in helping me find the information needed for this exhibit and my book, Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America.

I hope this this exhibit will inspire you to go forward in the quest for further knowledge about our American Jewish men and women and their role and contributions in helping to build, develop and defend our country.

Seymour Brody
Delray Beach, Florida

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