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Renee Headings

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Renee Headings: Sculptress
by Seymour “Sy” Brody

From playing with clay to creating a 16 foot commissioned sculpture for the Mathers Air Force Base in Sacramento, California, Renee Headings became an outstanding and well known sculptress.

The 16 foot sculpture was placed in front of the Air Force base and depicts a soldier carrying a young girl on his shoulders.

Headings' first large commissioned sculpture was called “Returning on the Wings of Peace” and it is displayed in front of the Veterans Administration Building in Riviera Beach, Florida. It is a ten foot bronze monument which has an anonymous soldier, who has returned from combat, carrying his son on his shoulders.

She started sculpturing in 1987. Her early sculptures were of the wildlife that she had seen on her trips to Africa. Later, she created sculptures of the marine animals and birds that she saw as a resident of Florida.

Renee Headings is practically a self-taught sculptress. A sculpture friend helped her with some basics. Her creations are realistic sculptures cast in bronze by the ancient lost wax method.

From 1990 to 2005, she has been commissioned twelve times to do sculptures. Headings was the winner of the competition to do the sculpture of the National War Dog Team Memorial, which will be placed in the mall, in Washington, DC.

She has received eleven awards for her work: Included were “Medal of Honor,” American Artists Professional League, Grand Exhibition, 1999; “Charlotte Dunwiddie Memorial Award,,” Catharine Lorillard Art Club Annual Exhibition, 1999 and the “Leila Gardin Sawyer Memorial Award,” American Artists Professional League Grand Exhibition, 1998.

Headings’ sculptures were in museum exhibitions throughout the country while on tour with the Society of Animal Artists, 1992-2005.

Renee Headings was born on October 25, 1958, and was raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her parents were Myrna and Doctor Phillip Lichtblau. They belonged to Temple Beth El in West Palm Beach. She went to the Temple’s religious school.

She was an amateur golfer and received a full scholarship for golf at the University of South Florida. She qualified for the woman’s U.S. Open when she was 17, in 1975. Headings won an individual gold medal and team silver medal in golf at the Maccabiah games in Israel, in 1981.

Renee Headings is looking forward to the many new challenges for her creative sculptures. She is a role model for any person interested in becoming a sculptor.


Justin Moranski, Computer Article Consultant

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