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Julian Schwinger

American Jewish Recipients of the Nobel Prize

Julian Schwinger: Nobel Prize in Physics Recipient-1965
by Seymour”Sy” Brody

Julian Schwinger was an American Jewish recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, 1965, which he shared with Sin-Itiro Tomonaga and Richard P. Feynman for their fundamental work in quantum electrodynamics, with deep-ploughing consequences for the physics of elementary particles.

He was born on February 12, 1918, in New York City, New York. His parents were Belle, nee Rosenfeld, and Benjamin Schwinger, a dress manufacturer.

Schwinger was a product of the New York City educational system. At an early age, Schwinger became interested in physics. Schwinger attended City College of New York and then went to Columbia University where he received his Ph.D., in 1939.

He took a position at the University of California, at Berkeley as a National Research Fellow and then as an assistant to J. R. Oppenheimer. When World War II erupted, he was teaching elementary physics to engineering students at Purdue University. He took a leave of absence from Purdue University and went to the Radiation Laboratory in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After a while, he was sent to the Metallurgical Laboratory, an atom bomb project, of the University of Chicago. He was a solitary worker and he would work nights on his research to be alone.

When the war ended, he took a position at Harvard University as an Associate Professor and two years later, he became a Professor. He was at Harvard University from 1945 to 1974. He was also a Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. 1972-1994

It was in 1947 that he married Clarice Carro. She gave him the support he needed in the 47 years of their marriage.

Dr. Julian Schwinger received many awards and honors:
● National Medal of Science
● A member of the American Physical Society
● A member of the National Academy of Sciences
● A member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
● A member of the Civil Liberties Union
● An honorary doctorate degree from Perdue University, 1961
● Honorary Doctorate Degree, Harvard University, 1961
● A recipient of Sigma XI Award for Distinguished Teaching
● Nature of Light Prize, of the Academy of Science, 1951
● Shared the Albert Einstein Prize, 1951
● Columbia University Medal, 1951
● National Medal of Science, 1964
● AMS Gibbs Lecturer, 1960

Dr. Julian Schwinger died July 16, 1994, in Los Angeles, California.

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