Illustrations by Art Seiden

Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America

1900 to World War II:


Exhibit Contents

  1. Zigmund Schlesinger: A Defender Of The West
  2. Ruth Gruber : Advocate for the Immigration of Jews fleeing Hitler and a Journalist
  3. Dankmar Adler: An Architectural Pioneer
  4. Jacob Henry Schiff: Hero of Finance And Philanthropy
  5. Samuel Gompers: Leader Of The American Federation Of Labor
  6. Hannah Solomon: Founder Of The National Council Of Jewish Women
  7. Julia Richman: Educator
  8. Henrietta Szold: A Role Model Who Helped To Found Hadassah
  9. Hannah Bachman Einstein: Leader In Social Welfare And Jewish Philanthropy
  10. Simon Flexner: A Pioneer In The Study Of Pathology
  11. Lillian D. Wald: A Pioneer In Public Health Concerns
  12. Julius Stieglitz: A Pioneering Chemist Who Aided The War
  13. Florence Prag Kahn: Congresswoman
  14. Annie Nathan Meyer: Writer And Founder Of Barnard College
  15. Julius Rosenwald: A Prominent Philanthropist In Both War And Peace
  16. Celia Adler: A Star on the Yiddish Stage
  17. Rose Blumkin: A Rags to Riches Business Woman
  18. Helena Rubinstein: Businesswoman And Philanthropist
  19. Hetty Goldman: Archeologist
  20. Minnie Guggenheimer: Fund Raiser Of Lewisohn Stadium
  21. Aline Bernstein: Noted Costume Designer For The Stage
  22. Jennie Maas Flexner: Reader's Adviser, Librarian & Author
  23. Beatrice Fox Auerbach: Philanthropist & Business Executive
  24. Blanche Wolf Knopf: Publisher
  25. Beatrice Alexander: The First Lady of Dolls
  26. Amy Loveman: Editor and Author
  27. Edna Ferber: Writer Of Short Stories, Novels And Plays
  28. Jennie Loitman Barron: Judge, Lawyer and Suffragist
  29. Ida Rosenthal: Co-Founder of "Maidenform Brassieres"
  30. Fania Mary Cohn: Labor Leader and Educator
  31. World War I: Jews Answer The Country's Call To Action
  32. Sergeant Benjamin Kaufman: Decorated For Heroism In World War I
  33. Sergeant Sam Dreben: The Subject Of Runyon's "The Fighting Jew"
  34. Captain Elkan Voorsanger: The "Fighting Rabbi of World War I"
  35. Other Jewish Soldiers Recognized For Bravery In World War I
  36. Yet More Jewish Servicemen Who Became World War I Heroes
  37. Jewish Officers Who Led The Way with Acts of Bravery In World War I
  38. Fannie Hurst: Writer
  39. Fanny Brice: Star In Vaudeville, Radio, Theater & Movies
  40. Jennie Grossinger: Hotel Executive & Philanthropist
  41. Bernard Baruch: Adviser To Presidents In Both Wars And Peace
  42. Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori: Nobel Prize Recipient for Medicine & Physiology
  43. Al Jolson: An Entertainer In Both War and Peace
  44. Gertrude Berg: Star And Writer Of Radio, Stage & Television
  45. Irving Berlin: The Nation's Great Composer Of Patriotic Songs
  46. Louise Nevelson: Sculptress
  47. George Gershwin: An Overnight Musical Sensation
  48. Stella Adler: Teacher, Actress & Stage Director
  49. Eugene Isaac Meyer: Donated Business Expertise To His Country
  50. Lena Levine: Gynecologist, Psychiatrist & Marriage Counselor
  51. Herbert H. Lehman: A Soldier, Banker And Statesman
  52. Margaret Arnstein: Nursing Educator & Public Health Nurse
  53. Rabbi Stephen Wise: A Leader In Zionism & Social Reform
  54. Lillian Florence Hellman: Playwright & Author
  55. Molly Picon: A Star Of Many Stages
  56. David Sarnoff: A Radio And Television Pioneer
  57. Barbara W. Tuchman: Noted Historian And Journalist
  58. Sylvia Porter: Great Financial Writer
  59. Benny Friedman: Considered NFL’s First True Passer
  60. Gertrude Elion: Nobel Prize Recipient in Medicine
  61. Thelma "Tiby" Eisen: Female Baseball Star
  62. Judith Kaplan Eisenstein: The First American Bat Mitzvah

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