Illustrations by Art Seiden

Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America

World War II to the Present:


Exhibit Contents

  1. Jews Serve in World War II
  2. Jewish Heroes: At Pearl Harbor
  3. Three Jewish Heroes: of World War II
  4. Two Jewish Medal of Honor Recipients: World War II
  5. Capt. Ben L. Salomon: Jewish Medal of Honor Recipient in World War II
  6. Rabbi Alexander Goode: Chaplain/Hero of World War II
  7. Herbert P. Grossman: A World War II Hero of Leyte
  8. Lt. Frances Slanger: Jewish Nurse Killed in World War II
  9. Ariel Durant: Writer
  10. Two Jewish Heroes: in the Pacific
  11. "Mickey" Marcus: A Hero in Both America and Israel
  12. Judge Betty Weinberg Ellerin: First woman appointed as a Justice of the Appellate Division, N.Y.
  13. Ellen Goodman: National Pulitzer Prize Columnist
  14. Two Jewish Junior Officers: of World War II
  15. Jewish Army Generals: Who Served with Distinction in World War II
  16. Jewish Naval and Marine Corps Officer Heroes: in World War II
  17. Staff Sergeant Max Warshaw: A Highly Decorated Hero of World War II
  18. P.F.C. Charles Feuereisen: A Hero Talks with General MacArthur
  19. "Hank" Greenberg: A Baseball Great and War Hero
  20. Paul Muni: Yiddish Theater and Movie Star
  21. Albert Einstein: A Giant in the World of Physics
  22. Jesse Louis Lasky: A Film Industry Pioneer
  23. Flora Lewis: Outstanding Journalist
  24. Max M. Novich: The Dean of Sports Medicine
  25. Anna M. Rosenberg: Assistant Defense Secretary
  26. "Sandy" Koufax: A Baseball Legend
  27. Jules Robert Oppenheimer: A Leading 20th Century Physicist
  28. Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin: Conquer Polio
  29. Arthur Goldberg: Supreme Court Justice
  30. Admiral Hyman George Rickover: Father of the Atomic-Powered Navy
  31. Rosalyn S. Yalow: Nobel Prize Recipient in Medicine and Physiology
  32. Isaac Bashevis Singer: Nobel Prize Recipient
  33. Benny Goodman: The "King of Swing"
  34. Lydia Rapoport: Educational Leader in Social Work
  35. Henry Alfred Kissinger: Statesman and Nobel Prize Recipient
  36. Leonard Bernstein: Conductor, Composer and Pianist
  37. Jews Who Fought: in World War II and Korea
  38. Corporal Abraham Geller: Is Heroic in Korea
  39. Tibor Rubin: An Unusual Hero of the Korean War
  40. Judith Raskin: A Great Lyric Soprano
  41. Colonel Jack H. Jacobs: Medal of Honor Recipient in Vietnam
  42. John Levitow: Medal of Honor Recipient in Vietnam
  43. P.F.C. Stewart Burr: A Hero of Vietnam
  44. Three Jewish Heroes: Of the Vietnam War
  45. Aline B. Saarinen: Art Critic and Correspondent
  46. Dore Schary: Film Writer and Producer
  47. Judith Martin: Director, Actress and Playright
  48. Gregory Goodwin Pincus: Father of "The Pill"
  49. Judy Blume: Author of Juvenile and Adult Novels
  50. Nancy Lieberman: A Great Women's Basketball Star
  51. Beverly Sills: Soprano and Opera Director
  52. Mark Spitz: An Olympic Swimming Star
  53. Barbara Walters: Noted Interviewer and Star of Television
  54. Cynthia Ozick: Novelist, Essayist and Critic
  55. Bella Abzug : A Political Figure and a Leader in the Women's Movement
  56. Barbra Streisand: Concert Star, Actress, Director and Producer of Movies
  57. Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
  58. Barbara Boxer: United States Senator from California
  59. Dianne Feinstein: United States Senator from California
  60. Letty Cottin Pogrebin: Feminist Leader and Magazine Editor
  61. Judith A. Resnik: The Second Woman in Space
  62. Lynn Gottlieb: Rabbi and Jewish Feminist
  63. Congressman Robert Wexler
  64. Renee Headings: Sculptress
  65. Sada Jacobson: Fencing Champion
  66. Bonnie Bernstein: Outstanding TV Sports Reporter
  67. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Congresswoman
  68. Rear Admiral Susan J. Blumenthal: U.S. Assistant Surgeon General and Senior Globe Health Advisor

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